Nepal & Bhutan – Die Juwelen des Himalaya

14. Mär 2019
27. Mär 2019
13. Mär 2019, 00:00
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Eine magische Reise durch eine mystische Welt

mit Kutira & Friends

Begleite uns 6 Tage durch Nepal und 8 Tage durch Bhutan auf einer Reise durch den Himalaya, die dein Leben transformieren kann. Lass deinen emotionalen und mentalen Ballast los und werde frei für den Ruf deiner Seele.
Die erste Etappe führt uns nach Nepal, wo wir unter kundiger Führung historische und kulturelle Orte besuchen, um unser Verständnis von innerem Frieden und innerer Freude zu vertiefen.
In Bhutan, dem Land des Donnerdrachens und der Glückseligkeit, nährt uns im Anschluss ein reines und in seiner Schönheit einzigartiges Umfeld mit Weisheit und Lebensfreude. Ein Höhepunkt sind u.a. der Aufstieg ins legendäre Kloster Tigers Nest sowie die Teilnahme an einem der Heilige Tanzfeste.
Die spirituelle Lehrerin und Musikerin Kutira bereist seit über 20 Jahren diese Juwelen des Himalaya und öffnet die Türen zu vielen Geheimnissen, aber vor allem zu den Herzen der Menschen.

Im Folgenden eine Kurzinfo, die ausführliche Reisebeschreibung bitte per Mail anfordern:

Nepal/Bhutan: The Jewels of the Himalayas

• Explore the Kathmandu valley and the cultural traditions of the multi-ethnic people who settled in this remote Himalayan valley over the past two millennia.

• Visit temples, including the famous Tiger’s Lair, monasteries, nunneries, dzongs (fortress), art projects, schools and Kutira’s special projects

• Sample delicious and diverse local cuisine from street markets, fine dining, and family homes

• Explore the country’s Buddhist tradition and culture with the help of an expert guide

• Hike up stunning trails and enjoy the breath-taking architecture that Nepal and Bhutan has to offer

Trip Includes:

● Nepal:

○ All lodging accommodations and breakfast (no lunch or dinner)

○ All daily activities ○ Kutira’s cultural and spiritual immersion tour

● Bhutan:

○ All lodging accommodations and breakfast, lunch and dinner

○ All transportation

○ Our own English-speaking Bhutanese Guide

○ All daily activities

○ Kutira’s cultural and spiritual immersion tour

And of course, unexpected beautiful surprises!

Accommodations and Food

We will stay in beautiful and clean hotels and guest houses in Nepal and Bhutan with hot water and electricity. (Please note: Our hotels/guest houses will be rated 3 stars and any upgrades to 4/5 star accommodations are at additional cost. Requests need to be made early and may be only available at certain places.)


Breakfast will be provided. There are many wonderful restaurants with international food choices and recommendations can be provided by Kutira herself!


Breakfast and most dinners will be in hotels. Lunches will often be in restaurants or picnic lunches during our hikes. Meals are typically served buffet style, with Bhutanese, Indian, and Chinese dishes as the usual offerings. Vegetarians are easily accommodated. A typical breakfast may include cereal and milk, pancakes (sometimes Buckwheat), omelets, fried potatoes, and fruits in season. Dinners will usually be in restaurants or even the homes of local families we have relationships with. Dinner may include rice, noodles, asparagus or cauliflower, a meat entrée (often chicken), and ema datse, the spicy chili cheese dish often considered as the national dish of Bhutan. Beer is typically available for purchase with lunch or dinner, but wine is limited- drinks are not included in the price.

Trip Difficulty

The trip consists of a mix of hiking, cultural and culinary touring. Anyone in good physical condition who is comfortable walking 2-3 hours on a hilly, rocky terrain should have no difficulty on the hikes. Some of the hikes begin at approximately 11,000 feet elevation and descend. It is important to view the trip as a group activity where the needs of the group may outweigh those of the individual. An open attitude and respect for the culture are important attributes that enhance participant’s enjoyment of the trip. Please feel free to call Kutira and discuss if this would be the perfect journey of your life. It is much easier than you think!

Equipment and Clothing

Hiking boots or trail shoes, rain jacket and pants, and a day-pack are highly recommended. Daytime temperatures will be moderate (approximately 55 to 75 degrees). Nighttime temperatures will be cool (30 to 40 degrees). Autumn, from September to late November follows the rainy season. It is characterized by bright sunny days and some early snowfalls at higher elevations.

The price does not cover:

● Airfare

● Airport visa fee upon arrival in Nepal (Bhutan included in price)

● Any extra days prior to or beyond the dates of the tour

● Excess baggage on the flight

● Phone calls/internet usage fees and faxes during the tour

● Any items of a personal nature ie: laundry, medical and travel insurance coverage.

● Lunches and dinner in Nepal (however they are very inexpensive and you will enjoy the many options you can choose from.)

● Taxi/Rikshaw rides in Nepal. These are very inexpensive

● Gratitutes to your guides, driver and behind the scene angels

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